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Coupe/Sedan - $80
SUV+ - $100

Introducing our Spring Special!


Get ready for the new season with our exterior detail service that removes pesky pollen and leaves your vehicle sparkling clean. We will ensure your vehicle will look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.


Book your appointment now and experience the difference of our Spring Special!

Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road Before

Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road After

Volvo XC90 Before

Volvo XC90 After


Pre-Detail Inspection

The Pre-Detail Inspection helps find exterior areas of heavy dirt, grime, and overlooked details like bugs, hard water spots, door jambs, and gas cap compartments. An interior inspection is completed as well to find heavily soiled areas and heavy stains. Critical areas that are usually overlooked are noted as well including air vents, door handles, control panels, and more.



The Pre-Rinse Stage removes and loosens large amounts of dirt and grime off of the vehicle's surface. This helps with the Hand Wash Stage as there will be a significantly less amount of dirt to remove.


Snow Foam

Using a foam cannon, combined with a pressure washer, a pH neutral foaming shampoo, and a 8:1 dilution ratio with warm distilled water to maximize suds, the vehicle is covered in a layer of thick foam. A thick layer is necessary to lift loose dirt, pollen, and contaminants. Furthermore the snow foam lubricates the surface of the vehicle reducing the risk of creating surface scratches and swirls.


Hand Wash

Using the 2-bucket method with grit guards and a chenille microfiber wash mitt, a hand wash is performed to remove loose dirt and grime brought out by the Snow Foam. The 2-bucket wash method is utilized to rinse dirt, and grit particles from the wash mitt before returning to the hand wash. A grit guard is added to the buckets to help scrub the wash mitt and trap grit particles at the bottom of the bucket. A chenille microfiber wash mitt to minimize the risk of creating surface scratches and swirls. These measures are taken to ensure the vehicle exterior is not recontaminated with dirt and grit particles.


Final Rinse

A final rinse is performed to remove loosened dirt, grime, and leftover soap on the vehicle's surface. This ensures that the remaining dirt and grime lifted by the snow foam doesn't dry or get dragged on the vehicle's surface during the drying process.



The drying process utilizes a plush high gsm microfiber drying towel and a blower to remove all remaining water on the vehicle's surface. This is done to eliminate the chances of water spots which occur when water dries on the surface of the vehicle leaving behind minerals.

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