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    From 140 US dollars

Coupe/Sedan - $140
SUV+ - $160

The Interior Detail is a comprehensive 9 step interior detail which will breathe new life into your vehicle's interior, whether it be plastics, leather, suede, or carpet, it will be covered! Furthermore your vehicle will be protected from dirt, dust, and spills. This will keep your vehicle looking fresh in the long run.

Don't let grime hold you back! Kenny's Mobile Detailing brings cars back to their sparkling best.

Porsche GT3 Interior

Car interior detail removes dust and grime, revealing a clean and refreshed space.

Maserati Quattroporte Interior

Dust-free dashboard and sparkling vents: Witness the meticulous detail in this freshly cleaned vehicle.

Jaguar F-Pace SVR Interior

Dust be gone! Kenny's Mobile Detailing deep cleans every nook and cranny for a spotless car.

BMW M3 Interior


Loose Item Removal

Loose Items, trash, and personal belongings are removed to expose all the surfaces of the vehicle. This ensures that every surface can be reached and cleaned correctly.


Floor Mats

The Floor Mats are taken out first as they collect dirt and grime from outside. They are the dirtiest part of the vehicle’s interior. The rubber floor mats are sprayed down with an all purpose cleaner, and the carpeted floor mats are sprayed down with a carpet cleaner. The floor mats are then hit with a drill brush to agitate and lift up dirt and grim embedded in the floor mats.



A Vacuum is used to transport loose dirt, dust, and unwanted filth out of the vehicle.


Detail Brush

An ultra-soft Detail Brush, combined with a vacuum, is used to help agitate, lift, and remove stubborn dust out of a vehicle's deep crevasses. This ensures that critical details inside the vehicle's interior aren't missed.



Plastic surfaces in the vehicle are sprayed down with an all purpose cleaner then wiped down with a lint free microfiber cloth.



Fabrics will be cleaned tailored to their materials. Leather surfaces are cleaned and then conditioned, Suede and cloth surfaces are cleaned by microfiber cloth blotted with a carpet & upholstery cleaner.



The pedals are cleaned with an all purpose cleaner combined with a boar hair detail brush to remove the dirt and grime that come from the bottom of your shoes. No dressing is applied to ensure the maximum amount of grip to prevent slippage while driving.


Interior Protectant

Interior Protectant is applied to prevent the vehicle's surfaces from cracking, drying, and fading. The protectant will also help the surfaces repel dust, water, and spillage. Lastly the protector will protect all surfaces from exposed ultraviolet rays.



All windows are cleaned with a waffle weave microfiber cloth to remove all dust leaving a clear lint free surface for high visibility. A window protectant is then applied leaving a clean and streak free window while also preventing the buildup of dust.

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