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    From 200 US dollars

Coupes/Sedans - $200
2 Row SUVs - $240
3 Row SUVs, Trucks, Vans - $280

The Full Detail is a comprehensive and thorough 21-step process designed to leave your vehicle looking and feeling like new. This service is designed to clean, protect, and revitalize every aspect of your vehicle, both inside and out.


Pre-Detail Inspection (Exterior)

The Pre-Detail Inspection helps find exterior areas of heavy dirt, grime, and overlooked details like bugs, hard water spots, door jambs, and gas cap compartments. An interior inspection is completed as well to find heavily soiled areas and heavy stains. Critical areas that are usually overlooked are noted as well including air vents, door handles, control panels, and more.


Tire and Rim Decontamination (Exterior)

The Tires and Rims are decontaminated first, with a separate bucket and grit guard, as they are typically the dirtiest part of your vehicle. This stage removes large amounts of loose dirt and brake dust from the rims and cleans the rubber of the tires.


Pre-Rinse (Exterior)

The Pre-Rinse Stage removes and loosens large amounts of dirt and grime off of the vehicle's surface. This helps with the Hand Wash Stage as there will be a significantly less amount of dirt to remove.


Snow Foam (Exterior)

Using a foam cannon, combined with a pressure washer, a pH neutral foaming shampoo, and a 8:1 dilution ratio with warm distilled water to maximize suds, the vehicle is covered in a layer of thick foam. A thick layer is necessary to lift loose dirt, pollen, and contaminants. Furthermore the snow foam lubricates the surface of the vehicle reducing the risk of creating surface scratches and swirls.


Detail Brush (Exterior)

A Boars Hair detail brush is used with the snow foam to agitate and lift dirt stuck in the vehicles deep crevasses, emblems, and grillwork. This ensures that critical details around the vehicle's exterior aren't missed.


Hand Wash (Exterior)

Using the 2-bucket method with grit guards and a chenille microfiber wash mitt, a hand wash is performed to remove loose dirt and grime brought out by the Snow Foam. The 2-bucket wash method is utilized to rinse dirt, and grit particles from the wash mitt before returning to the hand wash. A grit guard is added to the buckets to help scrub the wash mitt and trap grit particles at the bottom of the bucket. A chenille microfiber wash mitt to minimize the risk of creating surface scratches and swirls. These measures are taken to ensure the vehicle exterior is not recontaminated with dirt and grit particles.


Second Rinse (Exterior)

After the initial wash of a vehicle a second rinse is performed as it helps to prevent soap residue from drying onto the surface and leaving unsightly streaks or spots. It also removes any remaining dirt or grime that may have been missed during the initial wash.


Final Rinse (Exterior)

A final rinse is performed to remove loosened dirt, grime, and leftover soap on the vehicle's surface. This ensures that the remaining dirt and grime lifted by the snow foam doesn't dry or get dragged on the vehicle's surface during the drying process.


Drying (Exterior)

The drying process utilizes a plush high gsm microfiber drying towel and a blower to remove all remaining water on the vehicle's surface. This is done to eliminate the chances of water spots which occur when water dries on the surface of the vehicle leaving behind minerals.


Paint Sealant (Exterior)

A Si02 sealant is applied to protect the paint by providing a hydrophobic layer which will reduce the amount of water spots and protect the paint from dirt and traffic fallout.


Tire Dressing (Exterior)

A non sling water based tire dressing is applied to protect the tires from fading, ultraviolet rays, bleaching, and cracking. The tire dressing rejuvenates the deep and rich black color of the rubber.


Window Protectant (Exterior)

A window protectant is applied leaving a clean and streak free window. The window protectant also provides a hydrophobic layer which will help the water bead off which increases visibility during rain, sleet, and snow.


Loose Item Removal (Interior)

Loose Items, trash, and personal belongings are removed to expose all the surfaces of the vehicle. This ensures that every surface can be reached and cleaned correctly.


Floor Mats (Interior)

The Floor Mats are taken out first as they collect dirt and grime from outside. They are the dirtiest part of the vehicle’s interior. The rubber floor mats are sprayed down with an all purpose cleaner, and the carpeted floor mats are sprayed down with a carpet cleaner. The floor mats are then hit with a drill brush to agitate and lift up dirt and grim embedded in the floor mats.


Vacuum (Interior)

A Vacuum is used to transport loose dirt, dust, and unwanted filth out of the vehicle.


Detail Brush (Interior)

An ultra-soft Detail Brush, combined with a vacuum, is used to help agitate, lift, and remove stubborn dust out of a vehicle's deep crevasses. This ensures that critical details inside the vehicle's interior aren't missed.


Plastics (Interior)

Plastic surfaces in the vehicle are sprayed down with an all purpose cleaner then wiped down with a lint free microfiber cloth.


Fabrics (Interior)

Fabrics will be cleaned tailored to their materials. Leather surfaces are cleaned and then conditioned, Suede and cloth surfaces are cleaned by microfiber cloth blotted with a carpet & upholstery cleaner.


Pedals (Interior)

The pedals are cleaned with an all purpose cleaner combined with a boar hair detail brush to remove the dirt and grime that come from the bottom of your shoes. No dressing is applied to ensure the maximum amount of grip to prevent slippage while driving.


Interior Protectant (Interior)

Interior Protectant is applied to prevent the vehicle's surfaces from cracking, drying, and fading. The protectant will also help the surfaces repel dust, water, and spillage. Lastly the protector will protect all surfaces from exposed ultraviolet rays.


Windows (Interior)

All windows are cleaned with a waffle weave microfiber cloth to remove all dust leaving a clear lint free surface for high visibility. A window protectant is then applied leaving a clean and streak free window while also preventing the buildup of dust.

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