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All Vehicles - $60

To detail the vehicle's engine bay, we first make sure the area is cool and not hot to the touch. We then make sure loose dust and debris are removed by a thorough vacuuming process. The battery is then removed to eliminate any risk of shocks and shorting out vehicle equipment. A degreaser is then applied, agitated, and then steamed to ensure all dirt and grime is removed. A detail brush is used to get into all crevasses of the vehicle. The engine bay is then hand dried to ensure every single drop of water is removed. Lastly each surface is dressed accordingly making sure to leave a non greasy but vibrant finish.

*Please note that our Engine Bay Detail service must be booked in conjunction with an Exterior Detail package to ensure that all surfaces in the engine bay are properly accessed and cleaned for best results.

Grime & grease cover car engine. Deep clean & protect with Kenny's Mobile Detailing, South Riding's engine detailing experts.

BMW M2 Engine Bay Before

Car engine detailing South Riding VA: After photo! Kenny's Detailing restores cleanliness, protects vital components.

BMW M2 Engine Bay After

Grime alert!  Engine bay hides under dirty hood. Kenny's Detailing, South Riding: Restore performance, book now!

BMW M2 Engine Bay Hood Before

Gleaming hood reflects clean engine beneath. Kenny's Detailing: Restore engine health, book today!

BMW M2 Engine Bay Hood After

Engine bay cleaning, mobile detailing, performance protection: Transform your car with Kenny's detailing service.

Toyota Avalon Engine Bay Detail

Protect your engine's performance! Kenny's Detailing removes harmful buildup & restores engine bay cleanliness. South Riding.

Mercedes GLS 450 Before

Mercedes GLS 450 After

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